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About Us

Our History

Starting from an extensive background as technology developers and consultants for the banking, investment banking and management consultant industries, we have worked with the elite of the academic and arts communities to address a wide range of technology challenges since 1995. For institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, the Russell Sage Foundation, the American Council of Learned Societies, the Social Science Research Council, and the National Gallery of Art, among others, we have developed technology strategies, implemented application and review systems, CRM systems, websites and website integrations and along the way, worked through almost every imaginable technology-related issue.

Every organization has technology challenges. What is equally true is that every organization can use their existing technology or implement new systems to radically (and often, fairly quickly) improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Without informed guidance however, the attempt to figure out what to do and how and when to do it is generally only an exercise in frustration, as many have most likely already experienced in one form or another. To be able to pinpoint with precision how to make use of technology to bring about the maximum benefits in the fastest, most cost-effective way requires a rare combination of creativity together with a very broad base of practical experience. With hands on, direct experience with almost all aspects of information technology, working as system designers, developers, integrators and consultants, BMM is the ideal partner for taking your technology to the next level, in ways both large and small. Take advantage of a free consultation to begin unwinding the mysteries of why things are not working as well as you instinctively know they should, and how simple changes can start making worlds of difference immediately.

Our Team

  • Ben Ohtsu Director of Technology

    Ben holds a BS in Engineering from Cooper Union and started his career at Credit Suisse which he calls his "boot camp" years. He gained much experience in various roles and left when he was Vice President of the Corporate and Investment Banking in charge of the Computer Services Division. During the internet boom of the 90's he was ready to start his own business with his brother and father and formed BMM. Since 1995, he's taken on diverse web projects bringing his corporate experience to small and medium sized organizations, where he believes there is a large gap in technology expertise available. Over the past decade, he's worked with many fellowship and grant giving organizations, non-for-profits, and academic institutions where he feels there is a great need for technology expertise to help streamline and leverage technology that is currently available to help organizations fulfill their mission.

  • Masashi Ohtsu Director of Design

    Masashi was born in Osaka, Japan, raised in New York, and holds a BFA in Photography, from Parsons School of Design. He is the co-founder of BMM. His background includes experience in photography, video, audio, design, and the fine arts. Masashi's work has been published in the US and international publications. He has worked in the disciplines of editorial, advertising, commercials, and documentaries. His work has also been featured in art galleries and site specific installations in New York City. Masashi has worked on a number of documentary film projects, such as The Black Crowes: Cabin Fever, an innovative profile of the highly regarded music group. He is also spearheading an independent music label, buddhafunk, which, to date, has released Wet Pinkey and A Soundtrack to an Imaginary Film.

  • David Rissenberg Director of Research & Development

    David Rissenberg has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology, working principally in the area of Investment Banking. During this time, he has been responsible for the design and development of globally deployed applications including performance reviews, recruiting, workflow management, time tracking, online research management, contact management, internal and external client chargeback systems and others. Currently, his responsibilities at BMM include new product research, high-level application architecture, logical and physical database design, and the development of proprietary database technologies.

  • Robert Tyska Senior Web Developer

    Robert has a decade of experience developing fully customized application solutions for both Windows and the web. With a primary focus in Microsoft-based technologies, he has developed large-scale ecommerce, reporting, CRM, file archiving and CMS systems for use across a variety of industries. A veritable "Jack-of-All-Trades" when it comes to programming, it is not uncommon to find him switching focus multiple times throughout the day. He may be writing HTML in the morning, building a database in the afternoon and researching a new technology or language in the evening. His primary responsibility at BMM is identifying and implementing the tools needed to bring client requirements to life.

  • Masakazu Ohtsu Strategy Advisor

    Former Senior Vice President of the Itochu Corporation, Mr. Ohtsu spearheaded numerous projects for the electronics, media and entertainment industries. In 1990, working in conjunction with NHK, he launched "TV - Japan DBS Broadcast," designed to serve the Japanese community in the United States.