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Web Applications

Undoubtedly, your web presence is one of your most important organizational assets. We can help you work with it so that its potential is maximized while its maintenance requirements are minimized. So, what do we mean by minimizing what is required to maintain your website? If this has to do with your area of responsibility, it's probably already clear that keeping your content current as well as adding new features as required can be quite labor intensive. The tool generally used within an organization to accomplish this work is a Web Content Management System (CMS) system. Although CMS systems can be incredibly useful, they have to both selected and implemented with care.

CMS systems vary widely in quality and functionality and selecting the system most appropriate to your needs requires experience in the manifold ways the system will need to be used. Here is where we can help. The main issue is that there are a number of elements that an end user can evaluate without the help of expert guidance. What is more difficult for most organizations to understand with the expertise usually available in-house, are the quality and range of features that can be used to develop custom functions that are often very useful for various parts of a website and which are not necessarily part of the CMS out of the box. Because we have worked with a number of CMS systems and put them to use in a wide range of situations, we have the foresight to see potential current or future uses of a system which are usually not obvious to an end user.

Once the proper CMS system is selected, it needs to be customized and configured so that it suits your particular organization. Here again, experience is the key. Having worked with end users with varying levels of skills and experience, we're in a position to know how to set up the CMS so that its various functions are best suited to the skill levels of the available staff. In this way, what begins as a generic tool is crafted so that it can bring the highest level of benefit to your particular organization.

One of the most important uses for a CMS is to provide what is called data driven content wherever this is possible. Because of our very considerable in-house database experience, we can put this facility to use in ways that are rarely considered. The benefits of providing data driven content are tremendous and can hardly be overestimated. In fact, it comes down to the difference between having to do a lot of work to keep your content up to date as opposed to no work! Often we find that there are staff members whose time is completely dedicated to updating web content that can actually be automatically published without any human intervention whatsoever.

Please call us for a free consultation so that we can start helping you make the utmost possible use of your website while freeing significant amounts of staff time to dedicate to your organization's real mission, rather than spending this time on unnecessary and error-prone manual tasks.

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