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Almost everyone has by now heard of CRM (Contact Relationship Management) systems. What's generally less known is that this term is somewhat of a misnomer. These systems actually do a lot more than manage contact relationships. In fact, they can do almost everything and have come to cost almost nothing. In our consulting work, we routinely find that most technology-related problems are directly or indirectly due to the fact that either the right "CRM" system is not in place or that, if present, has not been correctly implemented.

CRM systems manage almost everything related to data - which is obviously a lot! It is (that is, it can and should be) the hub from which all information-related activities radiate like spokes. Acquiring these systems is now very easy - anyone can set up a free trial literally within minutes. Setting them up properly data-wise requires a particular kind of expertise, the technical term for which is called data modeling - a skill which obviously not everyone has. As was said, these systems can do practically anything, but only if they are properly structured. The good news is that with the appropriate level of experience (and we have to say that of our many areas of expertise, this is the one in which we particularly excel), this does not at all have to be a time-consuming, expensive process.

If you and/or others within your organization are finding that you are spending a seemingly inordinate amount of time dealing with tasks related to data - finding it, compiling it, keeping it up to date, using it for email blasts, etc. - it is very likely due to the fact (as mentioned above) that you either don't have a CRM system or don't have the right one, or that it hasn't been set up correctly. It is also likely that these debilitating problems, as overwhelming as they seem, can be solved within days. So, do you and your organization a big favor and call us. We happen to be among the foremost experts in this area, having worked with them from their inception (as well as designing and building them ourselves in various forms), and can ensure that the machine which your organization basically runs on is put in place quickly and correctly.

You've come to the right place. Let's get started putting things together the way they always should have been.

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